If you feel a little overwhelmed by the number of advance directives to consider and how they’re similar and dissimilar, this episode of Tax Boss will help! We discuss DNR orders, physicians orders for life-saving treatment, healthcare surrogates, living wills, and the difference between all of them. We also discuss why you may want to consider naming different people in each case.


Advance Care Directives


1:48 DNR – what it is and what it isn’t

4:36 What is included in a Healthcare Surrogate document?

7:09 Having conversations with the people you’ve named – what you’d like them to know that they may not know

8:00 The Living Will document and choosing who you’d want to have your back

10:30 The Terry Schiavo case and definition of artificial life support

12:14 Three different paths of the Living Will in Florida

12:53 The P.O.L.S.T or Physicians Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment

18:25 Medicare and skilled nursing facilities

19:40 Dealing with statements like, “You must not love your father if you won’t let me treat him.”


Weddings and funerals are two of the most stressful occasions we may encounter and they both require that you throw a party, too. Krystal and Merrell discuss information necessary to complete funeral home paperwork and why decisions made ahead of time really pay off, in many ways.


Estate Planning and Funeral Arrangement Resources from Your Caring Law Firm


2:10 Three questions asked by a mortuary for a death certificate

3:10 Naming an independent fiduciary to handle the passing of a loved one

5:30 Disposition of Human Remains document

8:00 Consider pre-paying if you think there will be a disagreement

9:45 Pre-planning pays off in a time of shock and sorry


In this episode of Tax Boss, we discuss the age-old question, “Who Is My Client,” and when a bunch of people show up, how do you know who to throw out of the room?

Merrell and Krystal discuss different ethical standards between attorneys and CPAS, red flags, and why family members – and even financial advisors and CPAs – are asked to leave the room during estate planning with clients. You’ll also find tips for attorneys and advisors dealing with well-meaning but difficult family members.


Why am I left in the waiting room?

Lawyers and CPAs: How the Landscape is Changing


1:30 When a non-client makes the appointment

2:54 Asking “Who is my Client” when kids think they all are the client

10:16 Death and a little bit of money can bring out the worst in people

11:09 Ethics, why we can’t reach out to your clients, and different ethical standards between CPAs and attorneys

12:33 When your client wants certain family members included…their decision or undue influence?

15:51 Why we request that the advisor leave the room, or how to give yours a heads up