In this episode of Tax Boss, we discuss the age-old question, “Who Is My Client,” and when a bunch of people show up, how do you know who to throw out of the room?

Merrell and Krystal discuss different ethical standards between attorneys and CPAS, red flags, and why family members – and even financial advisors and CPAs – are asked to leave the room during estate planning with clients. You’ll also find tips for attorneys and advisors dealing with well-meaning but difficult family members.


Why am I left in the waiting room?

Lawyers and CPAs: How the Landscape is Changing


1:30 When a non-client makes the appointment

2:54 Asking “Who is my Client” when kids think they all are the client

10:16 Death and a little bit of money can bring out the worst in people

11:09 Ethics, why we can’t reach out to your clients, and different ethical standards between CPAs and attorneys

12:33 When your client wants certain family members included…their decision or undue influence?

15:51 Why we request that the advisor leave the room, or how to give yours a heads up