Young adults. They’re still your children, but legally they’re not (under the law). What are your options? Krystal and Merrell cover legal documents for young adults, and issues for them to consider.


1:09 – In Florida, a parent’s legal right to be in charge of their children is severed at eighteen years old.

2:33 – Durable Power of Attorney and why we recommend it for young adults. (It will allow your child’s college to talk to you about grades, tuition and other things.)

4:30 – Why we also recommend the Health Care Surrogate.

6:50 – Adult children may be in a broken family, where contact is limited with another parent, and guardianship issues in worst case scenarios.

8:10 – Funeral arrangements, example of a UCF student’s parents arguing for over 5 years over his ashes.

11:45 – Pre-need guardianship – going back to the issue of splits in the family. (Britney Spears as example, and her father Jamie Spears being appointed as her guardian.) Merrell also explains her admittedly strange obsession with the National Enquirer.

14:34 Krystal discusses Living Wills and Medical Power of Attorney. Ensuring the person you name as agent understands your wishes.

22:20 The sad case of Bobbi Kristina Brown and her live-in boyfriend, estranged parents, and who was in charge? Would she have chosen differently?

24:20 Why we speak to the (adult) child without the parents present.

25:00 On your college student’s packing list, make sure you include this list of legal documents. (See ebook below.)


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